To be loved, you need to love yourself!!


Everybody in this world wants to be loved, everybody want to feel how it feels to be loved. There are people who think they are too bad to be loved. They are born to live single and have to die alone. They hate their life and themselves.
If you are one of those people who think they are not good enough to be loved by someone. Then, you are so wrong my dear. If you really want to be loved by other. You first need to learn how to love yourself.
If you can’t love yourself how you expect any other person to do so?
So for all they guys and dolls out there, who are insearch of love, here are a few things that you should try to include in your daily routine to love yourself in order to make other people love you. I bet within a few days you will see the change you want in your life and make people around you fall in love with you!!

How to be loved

1. Stop trying to be perfect: No one in this world is perfect. Everyone has their own specialities as well as their very own flaws. Its no where written that in order to be loved you need to be perfect. So stop torturing yourself and be proud of who you are. As who you are is who you are meant to be !!!


2. Stop criticizing yourself: Saying bad words to yourself is not going to take you anywhere, its just going to give you pain nothing more and nothing less. If you can’t adore yourself then you don’t have the right to criticize yourself. Stop it!

3.Stay positive: A positive mind is 1000 times sexy and attractive than a negative mind. So change your mindset and make it as positive as possible. Beilieve me your mind is capable of soo much give it a try. Think positive and see good things happening to you. πŸ™‚

4. Be happy: Try to find happiness in every single thing you do. Do not hesitate to laugh out loud about the thi gs you find funny. It don’t cost a penny to be happy you know :p. (You never know someone find your smile or laugh attractive πŸ˜‰ )

5. Don’t be ashame of yourself:
Who you are is who you are! Nothing can change that fact. No matter of are long or short, thin or fat, you wear glasses or braces. Untill and unless you have two legs, a pair of eyes, ears and hands, a nose and belong to the human race i don’t feel you need to be ashamed of something. So instead of being ashamed of your falws try to focus on your strengths and show em off infront of the world. You are one of a kind and you are awesome!
6. Don’t compare: You are one of a kind. It is not necessary that the qualities the popular kid of your school have you should also have it. You are full of special qualities , instead of comparing yourself to anybody else try to explore your inner self and find out your super power human! πŸ˜‰ Be yourself and live unique!!
Once you learn to yourself, everyone around you will start to love you. In order to be loved, love yourself and when you’ll start loving yourself, you’ll learn to give love and take love back. Your life will become like a shiny summer day and no one in the world will be able to live without love you!!
So give it a try and love yourself
Take care my loveliess see ya soon πŸ™‚


5 tips to have beautiful hair!!


Effective hair care remedies

Do you want to have natural beautiful hair? Fed up of the painful hair extensions? So sick of the thin, less volume hair? Wish to have natural silky, thick and long hair? Have tried a zillion of hair products but never seen much improvemnt? Well, if you shook your head up N down while reading any of my above mentioned hair problem then… Put a smile on your face lovliees πŸ˜‰
Your wait ends here!!! Now you don’t have to put on the fake hair extensions anymore. So say bye bye to the pain and irritation that the hair extensions cause you. Below are mentioned 5 totally natural home remedies that will help you to make your hair healthy and strong. No matter what hair type or shade you have. These hair care tips are valid on every hair type.
I personally prefer these materials to maintain my hair. You can totally trust on these hair care remedies and i bet you are going to love the result they provide since the first time you start using em. So here is the list to totally natural yet effective hair care remedies have a look.
1. Coconut oil: This is the least you can use to keep your hair healthy. The coconut oil not only nourishes your hair but it also provide it with shine and strength. All you need to do is Jumpy(massage the roots of your hair) with the oil and keep it over night. Shampoo next morning and you’ll have natural strong, shiny hair over night. Perform this procedure only once in a week.
2. Aleovera gel: Aleovera provide your hair with so much of softness and shine. Its just a perfect treatment for your hair. If you have thin or rough hair then you should totally try this out. You can either buy the aleovera gel available in market or even use the pulp of its leaves directly if you have an aleovera plant at your house. All you have to do is take the pulp and massage it in your hair keep it for least 30 mins and wash it off simply by shampooing your hair. Let your hair dry and feel your heavenly hair!! πŸ˜€ You can do the aleovera treatment whenever you want to.
3. Egg: Well, if you are a vegetarian then skip this section. But if you want to have healthy hair you can try it. Yeah! This one is quite messy( and smelly too). You need to apply the egg yolk as well as the white part in the raw form on your hair from root to tip and let it dry or else just keep it for 15 mins. Wash it off with a lot lot lot of shampoo. Ummm… You can use the egg whenever you want. This one is my least favorite one as its so stincky. I prefer the egg treatment only when my hair become so rough because of too much of heat.
4. Fenugreek seeds: This acts like a natural conditioner and also makes your hair magically soft,strong and long. Well i exggerated not magically but Yeah!! Hair grow 2 times faster. You need to do is soak the Fenugreek beans overnight in cold water and grind the mixture next morning. Then apply the paste on your hair. Keep the hair pack applied for 30 min. And wash it off. Enjoy your silky smooth hair. Try this hair pack once in a month.
5. Ambla, ritha, shikakai: This is the most effective and best hair treatment. It makes your hair grow really fast. I used this pack during the summer at that time my hair was shoulder length and after the summer holidays (approx. 2 months according to my country) my hair now cover up my buttocks. To try out this hair pack all you need is three ingredients that is: Ambla (indian gooseberry), shikakai ( concinna) and ritha ( soap nut ). Just put these three ingredients( fresh or even dry doesn’t really matter) into a pan add water and let it boil till the water become brown in color.

The boiled water will look like
Let the mixture cool down and when it is cool enough filter the water into another container using a strainer. Keep the solid particles aside for later use. Wet all your hair and scalp with the brown water and let it dry. And when your hair will try you will feel like you havn’t shampood since a decade :p. Its when you need to take a shower. Wash of your hair. You can try this on a regular basis or according to your convenience.
P.S. Wear an old or a shirt you don’t like while applying this on your head. It kinda leave marks.

So, these are the hair care remedies that i personally use myself and believe me i have really nice hair. No its not me saying this every one i meet ask me that what i do for my hair. So here it is the secrect behind my long silky and super straight hair. I hope this turn out to be helpful for your.
Please comment and let me know if it worked for you !!
Take care my lovliees :*

DANGER ! Girls do you know?


Ill effects of the hair extensions!

Today i was surfing internet and came across an article about the various ill-effects of hair extensions.
Every girl wish to have long sexy locks, with which she can try various hair-dos and style em whatever way she wants. Other than this there are reasons like low volume, thin hair, short hair because of which girls all around the globe are crazy behind the hair extensions and relay on these artifical hair to enhance their beauty.
Yes, I admit that i am also a fan of hair extensions. I love the volume and beautiful length they provide to hair. But I have never tried any kind of hair extension ever (as my mom says I have beautiful natural hair). And after reading about the harms that the hair extensions cause to hair as well as health of an individual wearing it, I don’t think I am going to try extension ever in my life.

The extensions worn on a regular basis causes serious issues like chronic headache, permanent hair loss, pain on the skull even a minor touch sends chill down the spine, and in some serious cases the hair extensions can also lead to bleeding from the head. So painful right?? 😦
I want to request all my lovely ladies reading this, please minimize using hair extensions as much as possible… They are for sure full of benefits but at the same time extensions also have ill effect and i don’t want my lovliess to suffer just because of a bunch of artificial hair.
So….For all the girls who want to have beautiful, soft, shiny, long, and good volume hair. I am going to upload a list of natural hair care remedies very soon that i use myself to maintain the quality of my hair. Believe me all the remedies that i am going to upload are totally natural and also very effective.
See Ya soon
Take care my lovliess :* :*

Perks of Being single!!!!



I am back again. And today i am going to tell you guys about the profits of beingΒ not in a relationship.

Yesterday i met an old friend from school,and she was depressed as hell because she is single. And i was like
So, to make her realize the profits of being single i told her the following things:
1. You dont have to care which lip gloss you are wearing: yeah i mean its one of the best profits of being single. And this one is my second fav. You really don’t need to give a damn about you lip gloss or lipstick. You can wear the shade and flavour you like not what your boyfriend likes!!

2.You get to spend more time with friends: I mean i am single and i enjoy it, i don’t have to wait for a specefic day an specefic hour to meet with my friends. I can meet them whenevr i want to and discuss about my crushes and make fun of my ex…
3. Eat what you like: You can eat what you like, you don’t have to care about your weight, or how your breath smells!! :p so feel free to eat totally spiecy and smelly food πŸ˜‰

4. No need to shave regularly: This is my favorite perk of being single :p πŸ˜€ . No need to shave your legs regularly!! As there is no one to touch you :p

5. Sleep how much you want: When you are single. You don’t need to stay up all night to text some one or love talk on a call. You can enjoy your beauty sleep without any disturbance!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€
6. Wear what you like: You really don’t have to give a damn about what you should wear. If you are single you can wear the cloths you like no matter if the dress you want to wear is old, worn out , not sexy at all or out of fashion. There is no one to judge you πŸ˜‰

So, this is what being single means to me!!! And you know what i am totally having fun being single. This is for all the girls aaannd boys who are single out there. Enjoy being single and wait for the right person to find you instead of wasting your time on the wrong ones!! You are special and precious and and ummm… Yeah You are Awesome